Learning Management Systems at work

Learning is an important part of any enterprise.  New employees learn to do their jobs. Workers learn new skills or sharpen their existing skills.  Groups need to grow together and share ideas. Individuals need to learn information for technical certifications or organizations need a central location to share resources and learn to work effectively together.  In most industries, this can all be accomplished in a virtual environment.

  1. We first determine how our virtual class builder tool can best serve your needs.
      • Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a modular dynamic education environment used by organizations to register, track and monitor activity predetermined in the Virtual Class Builder.

    Different methods of virtual learning

  2. Learning systems have evolved from earlier systems to now and include course and student monitoring, resource management, assessments, completion rates and more.
      • We utilize slides, audio recordings, or video, to achieve the desired results.


  3. Although learning styles differ among individuals, most of us learn through a combination of seeing, hearing, and a hands-on approach.
      • Social learning, Microlearning, and Situation-based learning all demand a Return on Investment (ROI) from companies.


  4. The biggest advantage you will experience working with our team at Virtual Class Builder is the ability to customize your class and deliver it how you want, to whom you want, where you want, and when you want.


It is important to clear up misconceptions of virtual learning:

  • “It is too big of a job.” — Yes, the task can be overwhelming.  However, that is the power of the modular concept.  You can take it in small units and over a very short period of time, the job is completed.
  • “It will take too long.” — Any job worth doing is worth doing well.  But once the classroom is built, it is now accessible for the next time the training must be accomplished.  Documents can be easily updated, with the structure staying in place.
  • “I don’t know how to even start.” — That is where we operate best.  Let our experts help you formulate a plan.  Get started now.